About Us

Like many of you, we wanted to see beautiful ladies have their head shaved in a judgment-free way. So we created ClipperSnip. Using our Family Only page you get to be a part of a group who enjoys the same things, and thinks in the same way! Clippersnip.com provides only the best premium female headshave, adult haircut, extreme haircut head shave and buzz cut videos on the internet. We also make it our personal promise to post new content every single month. Something you can look forward to! Don’t you just love never before seen models? Our models come from all walks of life: hair stylists, single moms, suburban house wives, students, wild teenagers, ladies needing rent money, or even a few likeminded individuals who want to take the plunge.  By supporting us, by becoming a family member, you get to enjoy all of our posted videos easily on your computer! We appreciate you! We want to hear from you. Because without YOU, there is no family.