Part 2

Welcome back Krysta! It has been nearly two years since we last saw her, in fairness we never would have thought we would have seen her again. She promised her hubby if he let her shave her head she would grow it till it touched her butt. Well apparently the deal is off as will her hair. This shave is done by the winner of our Christmas loyality contest. Watch as he weilds to clippers at once! Truly a site to be seen. This time Krysta was a litte more open, we had a brow shave, head shave, and something else may have came off, besides hair...

She also gave us some really cool posing and dancing. This may be our finest moment yet.

Part 1

Krysta is a true 75% Native American which is really cool! She has amazing cheek bones! Her husband (yes married women shave their heads) was a bit reluctant for her to shave her head but she made him a deal with him. The deal? After she shaves her head she agreed to let it grow super long, all one length for him, just as it was a long time ago. She had super soft hair till it all came tumbling off!