Donets Hair Farm


Donet is a 21 aspiring actress. She dreams of being on the big screen. So when we asked if she wanted to star in a fun little skit she was all to eager. She had super healthy naturally sandy blonde hair. She was is currently a college athlete in track and field majoring in marketing. She wants to work in an advertisement agency if acting doesn't pay off. Today she is going bald and... browless? Absolutely. Only Available at

Three strikes and your out. That's what the Judge told Donet. She had two choices. Go to jail for the rest of her life. Or go to the hair farm. The farm is a place that has prisoners work to grow their own food. Pay for their needs. However it also runs a lucrative side business. They harvest the prisoners hair. For a premium.
Hair not grown on the farm could never be sold. So the inmate must be shaved upon arrival and every day for a week... Then they can grow it out... Until it's long enought to shave and sell...

Welcome to the Hair Farm.